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Laura's Boutique was founded in 2012 by Laura's mom, Laura Mellado (yes, there's two Lauras). It started as a family new and used clothing store in Whittier, CA.

Daughter Laura only had one wall in her mothers thrift store. With the limited space, she was only able to start with 5 outfits. As weeks passed, Laura's Mom noticed that daughter Laura's business started to take over, so she made the decision to move her stuff out and let her daughter take over.

About 6 months later, her Dad realized that their small store would no longer be enough room for her flowing clientele. They rented a larger space in the same shopping center that was three times bigger, and ever since, the business has blossomed.

In 2014, they decided to expand their business to Orange County, and opened a store in Santa Ana, CA.  Laura's Boutique is also available online and gives their customers, from wherever they're at, the opportunity to shop all their great trends!

With hard work and dedication, Laura and her family have made it their goal to expand Laura's Boutique nation wide. Our customers mean the world to us, without them, we wouldn't be where we are now.  So thank you and enjoy!

LB Team